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Our History

Hill Resources Inc. was founded in 1991 in Abilene, Texas, for the purpose of providing residential and day supports for the intellectual and developmentally disabled. Our management staff is directly involved in every aspect of the organization, from direct care services to senior administrative roles.

Many of our management staff members have experienced the impact of quality service with a family perspective having several of their own family members with disabilities. God has allowed us to become a living testimony of His provision. As written in the book of Philippians, our God continues to provide all of our needs according to his riches in glory. We have seen His hand in every area of this organization, even in the selection of our employees. We are truly blessed to have found key staff members who are like minded in our endeavor and who have played vital roles in enriching and supporting the people and families that we serve.

We believe God has purpose and a plan for everyone, it is amazing how God uses those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to teach others about real and lasting love.


East Lake ICF-MR facility was opened licensed and certified by the state; a 6 bed group home.



Stepping Stones ICF-MR was purchased; a 6 bed group home. The Training Center was opened as a day program.



As the need for quality day programming increased, the Training Center moved to 234 Chestnut Street and the name was changed to Culpepper’s in honor of founder Larry Hill’s grandparents. Larry’s grandfather Cleve Culpepper was instrumental in starting the first apprenticeship program for the state of Texas helping to provide young men with technical skills and training necessary to have a career and provide for their families.



Culpepper Creek Farm was established to provide day habilitation and vocational training in a horticultural setting for those with developmental disabilities.



Living Resources, LLC, our sister organization, was formed to serve the people of the Sweetwater, Texas, area. Two existing ICF-MR facilities were purchased and remodeled.



Our organization experiences state funding cut backs, yet as always, God was faithful and provided for the organization’s needs through an unexpected avenue. Prior to purchasing the 6.5 acres in 1999 for the farm, Larry Hill and his wife Billie prayed for confirmation as to the location of the farm. A suitable location was found and the farm program began. In 2003 during state funding cuts, the decision to expand certain services at the farm was placed on hold until the needed funding could be secured. Within a matter of a few short months, a man representing a fortune 500 company approached Larry wanting to buy the property upon which the farm was located. Larry informed him it was not for sale; that the property was being used by a nonprofit organization which catered to the developmentally disabled. The man persisted in his request. He assured Larry that his was a family friendly company and that they would see to it that Hill Resources, Inc. had what it needed. Larry requested a price which also included new amenities which the organization needed. These amenities included a new 4 bay gutter connected greenhouse, larger dining room, additional office space and a new facility van. The sale price was immediately received. The company, it turns out was the Wal-Mart Corporation, which continues to be a good neighbor. God provided!



Moved Hackberry ICF Home in Sweetwater from leased property to remodeled Lakeview Home in a great residential neighborhood.


2006 HCS

Certification obtained to provide a greater array of services for those living in Abilene, Sweetwater and the surrounding communities served by the Betty Hardwick Center and West Texas MRA centers. 3 and 4 bed residential homes, foster care, in-home support, day habilitation and supportive employment are all offered by Hill Resources Inc.

Opened HCS Foster Care/ Companion Program.


Opened Eastover Opened Foster Care Companion Program.



Initiated TaskMaster Pro web-based Sequel Database Software System aimed at reducing paper processing time, increasing accuracy of documentation and impacting the quality for our residents and staff. Opened Chriswood Opened Lakeview.



Opened HCS Residential Group Home – Chriswood and Byrd, Fall 2008. Expansion of Day Habilitation Program Culpepper Creek Farms


Opened HCS Residential Group Home – Eastover and Valley Forge Fall 2009. Expanded HCS Host Home program.


Opened HCS Residential Group Home – Clearwater and Continental Fall 2010 and Boston Spring 2010. Acquired AHS (American Habilitation Services) Abilene Program, 3 group homes and numerous Foster Care homes.

2008 - 2010


Opened HCS Residential Group Home – Founders Summer 2011. Expanded HCS Host Home program.


Opened HCS Residential Group Home – Legends Spring 2012. Expanded HCS Host Home program.


Opened HCS Residential Group Home – Hollis Summer 2013. Expanded HCS Host Home program.


Expanded Culpepper Creek Farms to include miniature horses and chickens. Expanded HCS Host Home program.


Expanded Culpepper Creek Farms by adding raised irrigated vegetable and herb garden. Expanded HCS Host Home program.


Acquired Grace Residential 6 bed ICF-IDD home, Winter 2018.

Began farm expansion project that will include a larger building where individuals can have more space and opportunities for learning and social gatherings, Fall 2018.

2011 - 2018