We Love Our Community

Our program is designed to facilitate an active lifestyle. We encourage our residents and staff to get involved in community life and not just sit at home! Our residents are always out and about, eating in restaurants, going to the movies, bowling, attending community events and more! We are proud of the high level of satisfaction our residents and their families have in our approach at an active and healthy lifestyle!

God has a purpose for all our lives, no matter our circumstance. We love helping our people discover their God given gifts and watching them apply those gifts to enrich others lives and our community as a whole.

Ball Ranch

Every year, Ball Ranch invites our residents out for a night of country singing and a chuck wagon style barbeque! Those who choose to attend spend the evening dancing and enjoying a night watching a western style show and enjoying the songs of Gene Autry, Bob Wills, and Sons of the Pioneer. It’s always a memorable night and we look forward to it every year!

Albany Water Park

In Texas, the summers are HOT so we like to cool off at the Albany water park where we swim, enjoy the water slides, and sit under the cool fountains! Albany is a wonderful community who welcomes us with open arms and a cool place to hang out!

Abilene Zoo

The community of Abilene has a unique experience of having a local zoo that is, not only fun, but educational as well. Residents enjoy trips to the zoo where we learn about the different animals and enjoy watching them in their habitats. After our outings, we like to have a fun picnic in the park that sits right across the zoo’s pond!

Attending Church

Church plays a very important role in our residents lives and it’s one we encourage and support wholeheartedly. Wherever they choose to attend, Hill Resources ensures they are there as often as they desire. Several residents are active in their churches and have various roles such as greeter and coffee maker!

Down Town

Abilene’s downtown is seeing a lot of changes and we are there to take it all in! From Artwalk to the jazz festivals, Abilene’s downtown is a fun venue for adventure, dining, or shopping.

Rangers Outing

Residents enjoy out of town trips to see their favorite sports teams. A trip to see the Rangers in Arlington is a favorite memory of those who chose to attend where they ate ballpark food, decorated the van, and cheered on their beloved Rangers!

Play Fare Park

Abilene’s oldest and most well known mini golf course is a local favorite. Golfing, watching outdoor movies, and attending the various festivals they have to offer is always fun and our people feel right at home and is a great way to get some exercise!

Internal Events

To feel apart of our community doesn’t mean we always have to go out. Sometimes, the community comes to us! Residents love when people come out to entertain them. We’ve had visits from Elvis and other singer/guitar players, Hardin Simmons white horses, the police K9 officers, and many many more. We are so thankful for our community members who take time out of their lives for us!

Night to Shine

Every year, residents love getting dressed up and treated like royalty! ACU Social Work Department has also held dances for Hill Resources residents where they can let loose and enjoy music and dancing in a safe, family friendly environment.


Residents have goals and dreams that we recognize and encourage. Several residents have participated in welding classes and horticultural training. We also participate in ARD meetings for our high school students and have a close relationship with their teachers. We support all future educational goals and encourage our residents to be as big as they can dream!

Employ- ment

Our day services program, Culpepper Creek Farm, has a mowing crew that maintains all of our group homes and office setting. These individuals are not only earning a paycheck, but they are learning a valuable skill of what it means to have a strong work ethic and the skill of lawn maintenance. Residents have also enjoyed employment at various food service locations, Goodwill, and other retail outlets around town!

Cul- pepper's

Culpepper’s, our day services program, is located in the historic SoDA district of downtown Abilene. Culpepper’s provides individuals with social integration training, specialized individual programming, and is a place where individuals can come to enjoy their day. Games, arts and crafts, music, and community outings are just a few of the activities individuals enjoy.