Residential Vocational
How many residents are in each home?

HCS homes: maximum census is 4 to each home.
ICF homes: maximum census is 6.
The majority of our residents enjoy private rooms.

How many staff are in the home at all times?

The number of staff per shift depends on each resident’s specific needs. Some residents require more prompting and assistance than others. Our Staff-Resident ratio generally exceeds the requirement set by State Agencies.

Do your staff participate in specific training for this field?

Yes, we teach each of our staff basic concepts as well as specifics for each resident and home. We also provide 24 hour access to review training. We test each of our staff in each training category to assure they are able to provide excellence in care.

Are your homes coed?

We have one coed home while the remainder of our homes are not coed.

What is your company philosophy?

Our philosophy is to approach each person served as if they are a part of our own family. We believe God has promised that he has a special plan for each person. We are stewards of God’s resources, therefore we seek his guidance when considering the needs of each person requesting services and in the selection of employees who serve in our organization.

How do you protect against abuse and neglect?

We complete extensive background checks on each potential candidate such as criminal history, employee misconduct registry, and nurse registry. We also require a minimum of 3 reference checks. We pray about the selection of each candidate, after a person is selected we implement a QA monitoring system that incorporates unannounced visits by Program Directors, Home Managers, Case Managers and/or QMRP. We also maintain a very low staff turnover rate, this is critical in maintaining quality services for our residents.

Where are your houses located and what kind of neighborhood are they in?

Our homes are residential houses. They look like any other home you would see when driving through a residential neighborhood. Our homes are in safe, maintained neighborhoods. They are in close proximity to dining, shopping, and entertainment areas.

What are the requirements for living in one of your homes?

Each prospective resident must have a primary diagnosis of Mental Retardation or a related condition and meet criteria for Medicaid eligibility.

Can we visit our loved one at the home?

Yes! We encourage and support family visits.

How are the costs associated with a vocational or Day habilitation Program paid?

Medicaid will pay for your loved one if he/she is Medicaid eligible for Residential ICF or the HCS Waiver Program or if they are currently enrolled in CLASS.

Is transportation provided to and from the program?

Yes, if your loved one is enrolled in our Residential ICF or HCS Program. If they live at home or with another residential provider, transportation is not provided.

What are the hours of operation?

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Can my loved one earn money?

Yes. Culpepper Creek Farms offers an opportunity for every person to receive compensation wages based on a per-piece rate or an hourly rate.